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John Tanner IV

John grew up in Carrollton Georgia, before he attended West Georgia Technical College and The University of West Georgia, he graduated from Bremen high school in 2015. John has been working at Tanner Grocery since the summer of 2012, he would work during the summers in the warehouse and eventually as a in town van driver. As of the summer of 2019 John was tasked with working on and creating our company website, he is also our resident IT as he fixes computers and troubleshoots issues. John graduated college with a degree in business management in the fall of 2020. Then went straight into graduate school, and earned a Masters of Business Administration in summer of 2022. John always is in a chipper mood no matter what and is always polite and respectful to all the customers that he comes in contact with. During his free time John enjoys playing pool as well as disc golf and enjoying the great outdoors. 

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